SOCCEREX 2017 - Official Launch

Looking forward to SoccerEx! It's our official launch of our New Heated Performance Pants. With years of Research & Development, long hours, persistence and determination to make a difference in elite sports, finally we can officially launch our new solution. We are experts in heated wearable technology, be confident your muscles are ready to perform, pre-heat with Lizard Heat. At Lizard Heat We care about injury risk, injury prevention and ultimately achieving the best results for players, increase your chances of success especially during the Winter months by adopting our new innovation designed for elite sport. 


Warm To Perform

Welcome to our very first Blog regarding Lizard Heat and the rise of the portable pre-heat sports aid. Everybody who is involved in sport does a warm up! Lizards need to be warm to become active so, why not add extra heat into various areas of your legs to improve your traditional warm up process. Adding heat will give you the confidence that your muscles are ready to perform.