The Technology used in our new heated performance pants use the latest carbon-fiber or micro-alloy filaments, which warm extremely quickly, our products are extremely effective, and made to the highest quality & safety standards. Lizard Heat uses infra-red heating technology, which penetrates into core muscle groups to offer maximum assistance during either an active or passive warm up

With over 6 years of research and knowledge of Heat Wear, Lizard Heat works with various global partners to innovate new solutions and products with various global technology available its important to work with the best. Our technical development team work with Athletes to constantly innovate new versions. We are already working on new designs for release in 2018. 


Our new Heated Performance Pants are used to assist in warming your main core leg muscle areas, our unique design enables Athletes to actively or passively warm your Hamstrings, Thighs, & Calf areas. Our new performance solution enables maximum heat coverage whilst maintaining comfort and design. We developed some features of the new product using knowledge from some of England's top sports physiotherapists and Sports Scientists. 

Here are some features of our new product

Built-In Three-Level Temperature Controller

Our product comes with a on/off button combined with a three level temperature controller button which is integrated into the garment.

The heat setting options:

LOW: 38-42 °C

MEDIUM:  40-45°C

HIGH: 45-50 °C

Safety: Automatic Overheat Protection

Built-in safety overheating protection is built into every product to help ensure total safety. Please read our User Manual before use.

Quality, Flexible Heating Panels

Multiple, flexible heating panels are integrated into our new heated pants and with future devices. They are so thin, and comfortable as with our design to be used in sporting environments. 

Soft Shell Polyester- Windproof and waterproof for all weather conditions

Designed so you maximize the heat for short periods to help with muscle heat maintenance. We made them extremely easy to apply and remove using Chunky Zips down each side, this design makes them perfect for Athletes. WARM TO PERFORM


Lizard Heat is portable, we sourced the most robust, quality, reliable power pack from global partners. This Re-chargeable solution enables you to Pre-Heat your muscles during your normal sports warm up. We believe that by adding this extra heat into the muscle will aid in your warm up process and give you confidence that you can perform knowing you have added extra warmth.

The Heat