We are passionate about injury prevention.


Why are we called LIZARD HEAT?

The company is founded on one main principle, prevention, essentially the main aim for our products are to assist sports people with innovative solutions to aid in the warm up and heat maintenance during inactive periods.

We all warm up before exercise to prepare our muscles for action. Using a heating solution will add extra warmth into the muscle to aid with this process, it just makes sense.

Lizards need to warm up to become active as they are cold blooded, they bask in warmth to gain the strength to become active, hence the name of the brand.


We started this idea back in 2013 and it took just over two years to create this product. After looking at the market we found that most products in this area are used as a post injury solution, and not normally used pre-sport, the key to our product was portability. We decided to explore the benefits of adding heat before sport, and in theory it makes perfect sense.

During our research we found that most products in this area are sold under the medical sector, but as we are not claiming medical benefits with Lizard Heat, we promote this technology as a warm up aid, we have made sure the product follows strict electronic safety directives tested to the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) 2001/95/EC.

After selecting the right manufacturing company and deciding to source a quality battery supplier, we decided to put some samples out to top sports athletes and football physiotherapists for some feedback.

The feedback was fantastic, and as a warm up aid they have been successfully trialed in the Premier League with Swansea City F.C during the 2015-16 Season.

We set up Lizard Heat Limited in 2016 to set out our mark as a brand for all sports people to use as a warm up aid, from elite sports people to amateur, we intend on making innovative solutions for real sport environments.

"Our aim is to offer the world of sport a total solution to aid in the warm up and to maintain heat during inactive periods, all sports people can benefit from our solutions."

-Chris Ashdown - Managing Director

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This year we have some exciting developments and solutions that will aid your team or Athlete. We will release news of our New Products shortly, watch this space. 


by using Lizard Heat.