Lizard Heat has launched our NEW innovation, our Heated Performance Pants, Ready for Winter 2017/18.


Our new portable warm up pants uses the latest carbon fiber heat technology to warm and help prepare core leg muscle areas pre-sport. 

Lizard Heat enables you to warm core leg muscles quickly, easily, and effectively.

We listened to Sports Scientists and found a need for heat maintenance within performance athletes, with over 5 years of research and development on our solution, join other elite teams adopting heat wear to assist muscles during inactive periods.  

You can be sure you have made the right choice by using this technology to assist in your sports warm up. This is the only warm up device you'll ever need for your leg muscles.



We use Lizard Heat at Swansea FC for the subs, this device pre-heats the players muscles ready for the match.
— Ritson Lloyd, Swansea City F.C Physio
We use them to good effect! Its an excellent addition to my kitbag.
— Sean Connelly, Wales FC Physio
Lizard Heat was created to meet the needs of elite athletes who know the power of pre-heating core muscles. Activate your muscles and join the revolution of change in professional warm up routines.
— Chris Ashdown, Managing Director

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