Why are you called Lizard Heat?

Lizards are cold blooded so they need to become warm to become active. The reason we are called Lizard Heat is that you use our product to aid in sports warm up, to then become active.


How does Infrared Heat Pads Work?

They work by using an electronic carbon fiber fabric that is encased in fabric that allows it to warm comfortably. The Power source enables the pad to emit infrared rays which penetrate much deeper into your muscles. When far infrared waves penetrate through the skin it turns from light energy into heat energy. 

Infrared rays are a part of the Sun's invisible spectrum. It can't be seen but it can be felt as heat. They can't burn you and are totally safe.

Is Lizard Heat Safe?

Lizard Heat makes every effort to make this product safe. We spot check random units that are delivered from the factory. The units are set to go to a maximum temperature of 45 degrees so this will not burn you. The controller has a 30 minute shut off, enabling the user to get 20 minutes of warmth before exercise. All units are supplied with safety instructions and user manual. The product meets the General Product Safety Directive, (GPSD). 

We don't claim any medical benefits, but we claim that it will aid in your warm up!

Always read the instructions before use. 


Why Sold as a Pair?

We believe that by warming the areas symmetrically will offer an advantage of preparation to your sport or activity. Prevention is better than cure, so by selling the solution as a pair offers the user the ultimate solution to assist in your leg warm up routine.

We do also offer single units at £100 RRP

Warranty of the product?

Lizard Heat products come with a full 1 year warranty, if found to be faulty we will replace the unit free of charge. Simply contact us at info@lizardheat.com with the subject: RETURN and some details on the fault for information on how to proceed.

We take pride in our swift customer service, all queries responded to within 24 hours.

Email Customer Service with any question or query: info@lizardheat.com


Delivery Cost and 14 days?

While Lizard Heat is currently in start up mode, all orders will take up to 2 weeks for delivery. We currently only ship to the UK and Europe but we are expanding all the time. All orders carry a £5 shipping fee to cover postage and packaging regardless of which European Destination. If you order more the cost will still only be £5.


Do You Sell To Trade & Wholesale?

Yes of course, we are looking for distributors, retailers and sellers worldwide. As a new brand any company or person who wants to re-sell our product please get in touch via this form:

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