Perfect For Training Days Our new Innovation 'Performance pants' are perfect for training days. They can be used on the way to training to aid in muscle warm up even prior to activity. We only use Far-Infrared Heat technology in our new solution which penetrates into the muscle making our solution the best for athletes, by pre-heating your core leg muscles prior to activity will aid in muscle heat maintenance and reduce the risk of a muscle injury. We took feedback from sports science research to make sure our heated areas maximize the core leg muscles, Lizard Heat warms Hamstrings, Thighs, and Calf muscles fast and quickly making them attractive to team sports. Training everyday means players need to look after their muscles, a combination of cold therapy and heat is ideal for teams to use, as and when they require. Winter in the United Kingdom can be harsh and cold, teams that decide to kit there players and staff members out will feel warmer during everyday training, with the ability to change from 3 heat settings enables players/staff to decide what level is better for them.


Recovery of injured players who have specific leg muscle injuries. Lizard Heat only uses the latest Far-Infrared technology, this means that the heat generated warms through the top layer of skin and into the muscle tissue. Although sold as a Warm Up aid, it can be an extremely useful tool to aid in player recovery. If a player is recovering from a leg strain, tear, or pull, you could help them by using our heated performance pants, adding heat increases blood flow and helps get the muscle ready for light exercise. Science already knows the benefits of infrared heat, now it's portable. Don't Risk another injury by warming up cold, pre-heat before stretching and be confident that the muscles are already warmed and loose. Ask your Physio's to understand how our heated performance pants can be used during rehab and recovery.

REASON THREE - Assist in regular Warm Up Routines

• Adopting our innovative solution will enable teams to aid in muscle warm up, during a 'Warm Up' • All elite Athletes warm up, our basic ethos of prevention, encourages top sports people to use our performance Pants to simply aid in the Heat warming process. Simple logic of adding heat is backed up by scientific knowledge in this area. • We designed the Performance Pants with elite sports in mind. After consulting with top teams we decided to increase the warming area and include a zip down each side enabling fast removal and application, in fast paced environments we know you cant waste time. • Warming up is a daily routine for Athletes especially football players, include our solution easily to assist in this routine, a simple change could reduce any injury during warm ups.

REASON FOUR - Substitutions & Benched Players

Heat Maintenance Managed!

• Our Heated far-Infrared Performance Pants are perfect for your subs bench. • Using fast activating Heat technology, your players can pre-warm core leg muscles while being inactive on the bench, using three heat settings enables you to choose the preferred heat level. • Either maintaining warm up heat or pre-heating, each method is way better than traditional blankets. • Subs never know when they will be needed, we have feedback from existing teams that our solution can reduce the risk of injury of players that need to go on the pitch fast, perhaps with minimal warm up. • Designed with comfort, style and weather proof, our heated pants compliment any kit, manufactured in black means it's neutral for most teams. • Colder climates are simply not fun to be sat in, make your benched players feel better, warmer and ready for action. Help get Thigh, Hamstring and calf muscles to Optimum Performance temperature all at once using our portable solution.


• Half Time is a period of inactivity for most players, this means the muscles start to potentially cool down which can be a performance problem, using our New Heated Performance Pants will help maintain leg muscle temperature while the Athlete is not active. • Designed to be weather proof, & comfortable, our unique extended Heated areas cover main core leg muscles, enables fast application and removal. • Lizard Heat has adapted our Heat Wear solution for Football, as a dynamic sports brand we have listened to top scientists and physiotherapists who agree that Heat Wear has a place in elite sport . This is why we took the science from existing knowledge in Muscle Heat Vs Performance and adapted the theory to our solution which will aid in your teams injury reduction initiatives. Some History to add to our reason why you should adopt Lizard Heat this season. A big industry giant produced a version of hot pants in 2012, this was a collaboration between Loughborough University and Team GB Athletics. I was using the same Heat Wear technology at the time in another project. The version they created was used by GB cycling in London to amazing effect.

2017, OUR TURN -Warm To Perform



REASON SIX - Weather Conditions  

It's Cold, Rainy, Cloudy, Windy & Stormy Today are all common to most of us , get ahead of the weather, Get Lizard Heat this Winter! With ever changing weather conditions, Modern Football needs to adopt our Heat Wear solutions, winters are longer and fixtures are ongoing, add Our Heated Performance Pants to your kit bag/tool kit, just in case you find your team in a cold climate or sudden weather change. Better to have them to use if needed than to see your competition wearing them! • You can't control natures weather, our new Heated Performance Pants enable you to control your players leg temperature whatever the external temperatures are. • The facts show that Heat Maintenance is important in elite sport, if muscles can maintain activity heat and not fluctuate in temperatures you could achieve an overall better performance out of the muscle. • Teams in Colder climates will see an instant improvement in Heat maintenance initiatives. • We found that the psychological benefits to a player plays a big part in success, a warmer player is a better player. Feeling ready for action adds the competitive edge to players who hate or under-perform if cold.

REASON Seven- Far-Infrared Heat has Scientific Benefits

Heat Wear isn't just heat wear, Regular Heat Sources simply warm the upper layer of skin, it may feel warm but has minimal effect on muscle temperature. • Due to the deep penetration of infrared rays (over one and a half inches into body tissue), there is a deep heating effect in the muscle tissue. • Science knows the difference, only far-infrared Heat will offer any significant muscle benefit. Head of Medicals are adopting this theory to Elite Players, don't be left behind with other inferior heat solutions, Get Lizard Heat this season.